Our apartment house is located in a quiet street in one of the most beautiful parts of Zugló. Its location is advantageous in several ways. The popular Paskál Spa and Wellness Bath is within easy walking distance (600 m). City Park provides many recreational opportunities for visitors. The Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery, the Vajdaunyad Castle and the catering units in the City Park offer unforgettable experiences for all ages. Hungexpo and the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena also attract many visitors with exhibitions and cultural programs. The tastefully furnished apartments have been designed with the utmost dedication for our guests, paying attention to every detail.

Our apartment house includes 3 apartments. Every Apartments includes 2 bedrooms and living room with well equipped kitchen. The rooms radiate closeness to nature, youthful momentum and harmony with their natural colors. They provide perfect comfort and relaxation for families and couples. We can provide apartments for up to 4-6 guests on request. The rooms and kitchens are equipped with every comfort. At all times of the year, the atmosphere of the garden city feeling and our cordial hospitality awaits our guests who want to relax and unwind.

Apartment 1